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Individual Data Policy


We use the data and information for the purposes below.

Mail address :To let users make sure which account they are using in this application. To send users news or useful information (only as a possibility in future).
Mockup data :To improve this application. To research and development.
User activities :To enrich user experience.


We manage the data and information properly as below.

Mail address :encrypted and saved in database and JWT.
Mockup data :kept anonymous and saved in database.
User activities :kept anonymous and saved in database, cookie and local storage.

Terms of Service

There's a possibility that posted mockups would be deleted from application after 7 days passed.
There's a possibility that user data would be deleted from application after 180 days passed from the last visit.
All rights of posted mockups are reserved to CodeNinth Ltd.
Posted mockups are handled properly avoiding users disadvantage, never changed, renamed, distributed or sold.
Terms of service can be updated without preliminary announcement.